Our Flagship Product

A platform for health and wellness education

6 Different

insulin sites

Jerry's Glucopal

10 Unique

food cards


insulin pen

Jerry's backpack

Blood glucose level

check sites

4 Secret tickle sites

Game based learning

21 interactive stories

Proof of Concept: Type 1 Diabetes






of kids newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2014

of pediatric endocrinologist offices

6 months after purchase, kids still play for +1 hr/week

Total Sales




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initial goal

Product Overview

We combine storytelling apps with our electronically enriched companions

Health & Wellness Curriculum

Jerry the Bear

Future Expansion

Play Analytics


Physical Accessories

Animated Content

Character Licensing

Meet the Sproutelians

We are a team of builders, keenly focused on the purpose behind the purpose-built devices

Brian Oley

Software Lead

Hannah Chung

Co-founder + CCO

Aaron Horowitz

Co-founder + CEO

Joel Schwartz

Product Lead

 Mobile developer with experience in games at Metaversal and healthcare at PHT



BS Computer Science + Multi-Media, Northeastern University

Engineer turned designer with

tech chops from Radius and Ford.

Co-founder of Design For America



BS Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University

Bridging art and robotics using human centered design. Former Dell Social Innovation Fellow



BS Mechatronics + User Interaction Design, Northwestern University

Mechanical engineer with a heart. Cut his teeth on numbers at Canaras and hardware at Lifespan.



BS Engineering,

Brown University

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