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Who We Are

We are a mission-driven company focused on improving healthcare experience using patient-centered design. We work in cross-disciplinary teams, collaborating with industry partners to scope, conceptualize, and develop new products.

We are seeking a senior software engineer with a background in game development.

Your key responsibilities include the development, production, and maintenance of features in a product platform that includes a Unity-based mobile application with supporting backend for configuration and data collection and reporting. Ideal candidates are self-directed, resourceful makers and developers, experienced in software production and publishing with high standards for reliability and security, and eager to learn and apply new (and existing) technologies in novel ways to meet patient and partner needs.

This is a full-time position (in-person or remote), and involves some domestic travel. Our office is based in Rhode Island, and we get together a few times a year for work and social activities to build trust and get to know each other beyond our video, chat, email, and phone calls.

Key Responsibilities

  • Collaborate cross-functionally (primarily with design and business) to understand the needs of the customer and deliver a simple and effective solution.
  • Work comfortably across front-end and back-end development. We do not expect incoming team members to know everything about our frameworks, but at the moment some of our key components are: Unity (C#), Firebase, REST API (Salesforce), React.
  • Ship features to deliver value and meet the needs of our customers under the constraints of a profitable business, with a focus on long-term thinking.
  • You will be responsible for key features of our platform. We are a small team, so responsibilities include the full pipeline of development, testing, build, deployment, and maintenance.


  • You have experience operating in a leadership capacity and taking ownership of engineering projects. You have held key responsibilities in setting scope, timelines, and shipping major features or full products.
  • You have strong domain knowledge, and the capacity to learn technical standards to meet best-in-class requirements for performance, security, scalability, and user experience. This doesn’t mean you need to do this alone; this means you know how to approach the problem. You know where to look for resources, who to consult, and how to build things collaboratively.
  • You write clean and understandable code, and balance investing time and restraint to make stable and maintainable solutions.

Some qualities we value at Sproutel:

  • You are curious and enjoy learning. We’re often faced with new challenges, and celebrate diving into them.
  • You are a collaborator. Teamwork makes the dream work. We look forward to pair programming, code reviews, whiteboard sessions, and lunch conversation to share ideas, work through problems, and share best practices.
  • You have strong communication skills. Being able to explain ideas on the full spectrum of understandable abstraction to technical detail is critical to working effectively on our cross-disciplinary team.
  • You are empathetic and emotionally intelligent. Sometimes things don’t go smoothly. A customer gets frustrated, a coworker bothers you, or a vendor slips behind schedule. Being able to solve problems while supportive and sensitive to those around you helps us build a company culture focused on respect.
  • You are comfortable thinking in tradeoffs. Thinking in tradeoffs helps us focus our resources and our attention. Knowing when to push against constraints, embrace them, or create new constraints for ourselves is a critical part about setting direction.
  • You think for yourself and you’re willing to speak up. The best antidote against groupthink! We value independent thinking and the ability to objectively discuss multiple ideas.
  • You value simplicity. It is difficult to build complex things. It is even more difficult to take something very complex, and simplify it without sacrificing functionality.
  • You value efficiency. Time is our most valuable asset.

About Sproutel

You will be joining a team of 7 highly motivated, passionate people. For 11 years, we have built and shipped products to improve health care for children, bringing comfort and joy to families of children with type 1 diabetes, cancer, sickle cell, and more. Our products have reached 125,000 families around the world, built together with long-lasting partnerships including My Special Aflac Duck with Aflac; Rufus, the Bear with Diabetes with JDRF; and the Purrble Companion with Committee for Children. Today, we’re launching the newest product of our own: Clinical Companions, a platform to help improve recruitment, retention, and engagement in pediatric clinical trials. We’re excited to bring everything we’ve learned about providing comfort, engagement, and reducing stress to the world of clinical trials. We’re starting in pediatrics and growing from there.

Location/Remote Opportunity

Sproutel is a hybrid in-person/remote company. You can work from our comfortable office in beautiful Providence, Rhode Island, or anywhere in the continental US.

We are working hard to grow Sproutel as an inclusive, diverse, and fun place to work! We care a lot about happiness, fulfillment, and respect. Join us, and let’s build an awesome company and products together.

To Apply

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